The Grand Chancellor

His Excellency Count Philippe Piccapietra



The Grand Chancellor is the Grand Master’s second-in-command, coordinating all the activities of the Grand Officers of the Grand Magistry and Heads of Jurisdiction, always bearing in mind the objectives and values of the Order. It is the Grand Chancellor, too, who is responsible for the Order’s relations with the outside world.


The Grand Chancellor, in consultation with the Grand Master and within the bounds set by the Constitutional Charter, prepares and enacts all decrees, also ensuring that they are implemented to the letter. He also takes any action needed to promote the Order’s development and, in liaison with the Grand Master, conducts its diplomatic relations.


The Grand Chancellor also oversees admissions to the Order and monitors the work of the various councils and commissions under other members of the Grand Magistry.


It follows that the Grand Chancellor works hand in hand with the Grand Master, to whom he reports on the Order’s activities. He is also in regular contact with the members of the Grand Magistry and the Heads of Jurisdiction.