The Order of Saint Lazarus is organized according to countries. It has delegations in 21 countries which bring together a large network. In each country, the Order of Saint Lazarus is distinct from the organization of its charitable and humanitarian works. The latter is exercised under the international identity:

In each country, the members have the responsibility of organizing the search for funds for its works. These funds come from private individuals (letters, charity evenings, donations, etc), businesses by means of partnerships, or groups by means of patronage.


Each country is responsible for the utilisation of these funds and allocates them to charitable and humanitarian programmes, initially in their own countries, then secondly abroad to support international programmes of greater importance.


At a global level, an international committee coordinates the Order of Saint Lazarus and its charitable and humanitarian works. It decides the development policies, the strategies, projects and the directions to be given to the Order and its humanitarian work.


This committee has its headquarters in Switzerland, at Zurich; this is the Order’s international administrative headquarters.